Founded in 1992 Benjamin Li Law Firm has grown from a small immigration boutique to a global corporate immigration law firm providing representation to employers and their personnel in all regions of the United States and the world.

Our Practice

Our firm handles the corporate immigration needs of employers around the world. Regardless of company size or project complexity, we plan, execute, and manage the full spectrum of U.S. and global immigration matters ranging from designing corporate immigration programs to processing international visas. The firm’s commitment to quality service drives everything we do, based upon clear standards for client communications, advanced information technologies, well-honed project management processes, and a firm-wide belief that all matters are urgent and all deadlines are absolute.

From setting up the corporations, business plan, lease and contracts negotiations, workplace compliances, labor relations, to the needs of applying for various working visas for the corporate managers, executives and employers.

All Immigration matters

Incorporations, Business and commercial transactions

Family laws, divorces,  adoptions,  wills and trusts

Deportation and removal

Criminal law and traffic violations


您是否正在面对困难的移民问题? 您是否遭受痛楚的个人伤害?您是否正在经历犯罪指控?您是否正遭遇离婚等民事纠纷和烦恼?



无论您是否讲中文,西班牙语或英文,我们的律师和助理都可以用您的母语与您沟通;无论您的困扰涉及移民法律问题,刑事犯罪,公司法律,商业纠纷,离婚, 智慧产权;无论您的法律问题有多么复杂,我们都能以全面的法律知识,精准专业的能力和资深的执业经验为您服务。